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About us

Hello, everyone, I am Jenipher and welcome to my lifestyle blog, I am an ambitious woman, a friend, wife to my sweet Remon and mother of 4 amazing lovely children. My life experience has taught me a lot of lessons that I never expected to learn soon, with adventures that brought me around the world, full of tears and disbelief not forgetting appreciation for everything. The joy that life has given me is beyond my belief with lots of fun, patience, abundance, happiness and Love. I am thankful and grateful for all the adventures and the people I meet did change my life to a positive person that I am today, And the achievements I have accomplished at this time and moment in this life, is beyond what I expected from my self and I am proud of my self and thankful for all the opportunities and chances I have had and still having. My passion at this moment is to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that life has given me with my family. My goal is to find happiness, joy and Love every moment of my day and fill my life with memories that will satisfy my heart. I would Love to help women of this world in finding freedom and joy in there daily life. My experience as a woman and mother has been frustrating and fun, I know how it feels when you are pregnant and how it is after the baby is born, I face the daily challenges of being a woman. In every experience we have in life we should see it as a lesson and learn from it and if possible make a positive change for the better. Come and join me in finding Happiness, Joy, Freedom and Love everywhere around this world.